jueves, 27 de noviembre de 2014

Stop inmigrationalism

Good journalism avoids sensationalism to present a true and adjusted to the facts. However, almost unconsciously, strain in stories involving immigration a series of phrases and approach are themselves a form of sensationalism.

In this sensationalist news on immigration, we will call "INMIGRATIONALISM".

"INMIGRATIONALISM": Sensationalism in the news about immigration and immigration information manipulation aimed at producing fear, hatred or confusion.

Fear: Provoking an unjustified dose of fear in the audience to represent the immigrant population as a serious threat. Are we really in a horror story?

Criminalization: Treating immigrants as criminals against whom we must fight instead of people with internationally recognized rights. Are they really comparable, for example, immigration and drug trafficking?

Importance of origin: Naming the origin of immigrants when it really comes to mind of the story in question. Is it relevant ethnicity or origin, or are falling into almost unconscious topics?

We all have a huge responsibility in shaping the social image of immigrants. We have to flee the "INMIGRATIONALISM".

Let's help create a more tolerant and democratic society being critical of the "INMIGRATIONALISM".

Move it!

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